Every month your community has a chance to win $10,000 dollars’ worth of cash and prizes for a local non-profit or charity.  It is easy to enter.


  1. Post a picture or video and describe how you or your mayor are making an impact on the monthly municipal best practice listed
  2. Hash Tag # The sponsor names, #CanadasTopMayorAward, #BingYourEhGame
  3. Share with friends and tag your mayor on social media pages.

Contest # 1 Bring Your Eh! Game for the Environment

 Environmental impact 

 Prize:  $10,000 Recycling systems (Sponsor Busch Systems)

  • Percentage of waste diverted or recycled
  • Growth in active transportation infrastructure and recreational initiatives
  • Percentage of work commutes via transit
  • Percentage of municipal fleet and citizen fleet electrified
  • Overall reduction in usage of fossil fuels
  • Tax increment financing for projects that reduce fossil fuels
  • Percentage of new homes heated and cooled by renewable options?
  • Green Building Policy for projects receiving municipal support
  • Replacing single use products and plastics with organic and Eco-friendly solutions.

Contest #2 Bring Your Eh! Game for Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving and community engagement

Prize: $10,000 in advertising and promotion service.  (SPONSOR Snapd Inc.)

  • Service clubs’ initiatives
  • Charities and fundraising

Find proactive and sustainable solutions to traditional challenges