Join the Eh! Movement

Be part of a positive movement. One that gives all Canadians a voice. Especially young people and newcomers to Canada. If you care deeply for this country and its people and your tired of negativity and apathy, take the Eh! Movement pledge. Contribute to this national movement and help create positive social engagement and change one community at a time.

Download the CTMA Theme Song Elevate here

Elevate your community. Together through Canada’s Top Mayor Award and Community Competition we can begin to solve some of the common social issues facing Canadian communities. Canada’s Top Mayor Award Aims to raise money to alleviate homelessness, addiction, mental health issues, human trafficking, abuse of any kind and any other societal issue negatively impacting our Canadian Cities and towns. Through this fun, friendly and positive competition, we can educate, unite and share proactive and innovative solutions unilaterally across Canada. Using proceeds from the Eh! Movement, advertising, sponsorship, merchandise and event sales to award a cash prize to the winning community and mayor for use toward their communities’ most pressing social needs. Leveraging the power of grassroots proactive and innovative problem solving and fundraising efforts in partnership with large corporations, small businesses, industry, the public and municipal leadership. Together we can elevate and create opportunities for better communities while highlighting our cities and towns best attributes, assets and worthy charities. Celebrating and rewarding what communities and leadership are getting right. Building stronger, more inclusive and prosperous cities and towns across Canada. Eh!