Join the Eh! Movement

Be part of a positive movement. One that gives all Canadians a voice. Especially young people and newcomers to Canada. If you care deeply for this country and its people and your tired of negativity and apathy, take the Eh! Movement pledge. Contribute to this national movement and help create positive social change one community at a time.

THE PLEDGE: Yes, I want to take the Eh! Movement pledge to show my support for the positive things going on in my community and to show my individual civic pride and support of municipal leadership. I believe when Canadians come together with municipal leaders, we have the ability to create impactful change and to solve some of Canada’s most pressing social issues. Issues such as homelessness, abuse, human trafficking, addiction, mental wellness and environmental concerns. By supporting the Eh! Movement I am making my individual contribution and adding my name to the list of other passionate Canadians who want to make a difference in my community. I am bringing my Eh! Game by supporting the good work being done by municipal leadership. I commit to making an individual pledge to be part of the solution by taking one of the following actions;

  1.  Taking the toonie pledge
  2.  Downloading the theme Song Elevate
  3.  Purchasing Cool Canadian Bring Your Eh! Game swag and showing off my civic pride
  4. Visit our merchandise store
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